Cuauhtemoc, Mexico City


8 Seminario St., Downtown, Cuauhtemoc, D.F., 06060. Phone (55) 4040 5600 extensions 412930 y 412933

Admittance and Services

Visiting hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 17:00. The $70 MXP fee includes the admission to the museum and the archaeological site. Children under 13, students, teachers and senior citizens presenting a valid ID do not pay. Free admission on Sunday. There is a fee if you are willing to shoot with a videocamera. Temporary exhibitions, auditorium, library, guided tours, museum miniguide, educational workshops, summer courses, bookstore, parking lot, wheelchair facilities, checkroom. Student advisory.



The Templo Mayor Museum was inaugurated in 1987. This building was designed to exhibit the archaeological findings of the zone that used to be the Main Temple of Mexica peoples. The collection shows the political, military and aesthetic relevance of the city that dominated Mesoamerica before the Spaniards arrived. The Coyolxauhqui monolith discovery on 1978, enabled the archaeologists to find the exact place where the pyramid stood, since the Huitzilopochtli myth tells that he threw his sister down from Coatepec mount.

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Seminario Núm. 8, Centro Histórico, México D.F. CP 06060  Teléfonos 4040-5600 Ext.412930, 412933 y 412967
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